EDIX® Amigo

EDIX® Amigo er en vakker komplett bomløs all-round barne sal, produsert i engelsk lær med knestøtter av mykt lær og paneler fylt med ull. Denne barnesalen anbefaler vi at du kjøper komplett med stigbøyler, stigreimer og tilhørende pad med en underside av syntetisk ull. Du finner mer utfyllende informasjon lengre ned på siden.

Pris KOMPLETT sal: 3990,- Pris KUN sal: 2990,-

EDIX® Amigo barnesal er tilgjengelig i brun og svart. Kommer i størrelse XXS, XS og S. Se illustrasjon for mål:

Dette sier produsenten om salen:
«A treeless all-round saddle where the construction is especially designed to suit children and ponies. A lovely saddle for the sporty young rider who dares to take a jump course, but also likes to go for a pleasure ride. When a young rider is acquainted with treeless riding at an early stage, it helps the young rider develop a balanced and independent seat and An advantage is that the young rider learns the importance of communicating through the seat.
This all-round saddle is very similar to a traditional treed saddle, yet it is a treeless saddle due to the lack of rigid tree. Only the pommel is made of a narrow metal, but still flexible plate. This serves to keep the saddle in shape and the withers free of pressure. This specific construction allows the saddle to adapt perfectly to the anatomy of the pony as well as to the rider. The leather billets and the safety hook for the stirrup leathers, complete the EDIX® Amigo.
The EDIX® Amigo felt pad provides pressure relief of the spine and the underside is finished with synthetic wool. The F.R.A.® supergirth is optional and its 100% elasticity ensures a rocksolid fixation.
EDIX® saddles advises you to buy the proposed treeless saddles complete with substructure (special treeless pad). This to achieve optimal pressure distribution.»

EDIX® Amigo dokument: https://www.edixsaddles.com/wp-content/uploads/Amigo-ENG.pdf